Forms and Info


Nevada Youth Soccer Bylaws:


6:02:00 Coaching License Requirements:

6:02:01 U5-U12 recreational coaches have one (1) year to complete the age appropriate USYS Youth module.  U11 and up coaches have one (1) year to obtain the USSF “E” license.
U11 and up competitive coaches have one (1) year to complete the USSF State/National “D” license.

6:02:02 Every coach must have completed, prior to the start of the next seasonal year, an age appropriate Youth Module/License.  Age appropriate is defined as:

A.  U5-U8 MINIMUM Youth Module I

B.  U9-U12 MINIMUM Youth Module II

C.  U11+ MINIMUM USSF State “E” License

D.  U11+ (Competitive) MINIMUM USSF State/National “D” License and must be present at each match/event.


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